Verbal Components for Cantrips!

A list of exclamations and verbal incantations for a bunch of cantrips, inspired by real languages (you can see I have some favourites).

Spell Verbal Component  Linguistic Origin Rough Meaning
Acid Splash Madens dolore Latin "Dripping with pain"
Blade Ward Sverdwund Old English "Sword wound"
Chill Touch Nilgrin armor bhosa, ach bas. Irish "There is no sun on my palm, only death."
Create Bonfire Herthrow Old English "Hearth rest"
Dancing Lights Oculo-auxilia Latin "Eye help"
Druidcraft Landadl Old English "Nostalgia/ill earth"
Eldritch Blast Imosod! Welsh "Attack!"
Fire Bolt Ira saggita Latin "Arrow of anger"
Frostbite Gristbitung Old English "Gnashing of teeth"
Guidance Ferscipe Old English "Community/ friendship/ companionship"
Gust Exhalatera! Latin "Earth exhales!"
Infestation Skritha, flua, faetur, vaengi Icelandic "Crawling, flying, legs, wings"
Light Haelu Old English "Health/prosperity"
Lightning Lure Koma naer! Icelandic "GET OVER HERE!"
Mage Hand Videole vitano, bila mkono Swahili "Five fingers, no arm"
Magic Stone Nuis bhollain Irish "Nuisance boulder"
Mending Nappa-boja-britta-nej Swedish "Snap-bend-break-no"
Message Flogenvurd Old English "Flying word"
Mind Sliver In Vazya Mozgul Polish "Brain invasion"
Poison Spray Atorfant Old English "Font of poison"
Prestidigitation Ecce! Latin "Look!"
Produce Flame Ex Animo Latin "From the heart"
Ray of Frost Non calidum nec velox Latin "Not hot and not quick"
Resistance Naddo! Welsh "No!"
Sacred Flame Alwel Dabryn Old English "God burning passion"
Shilleglagh Entvopn Old English "Giant's weapon"
Shocking Grasp Manus Caelorum Latin "Hands of heaven"
Spare the Dying Anantima Icelandic "Another time"
Sword Burst Periculum Chorus Latin "Danger dance"
Thaumaturgy Hweat! Old English General exclamation of attention
Thorn Whip Rosa sanguinis Latin "Rose blood"
Toll the Dead Hearken! Mortum! Latin "Listen! Death!"
Vicious Mockery any insult - -
Word of Radiance Oleuni! Welsh "Light/enlightenment"
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