Upcoming Stuff!

The next 3 months are BIG for us. We're launching our second Kickstarter, the Adventure Triad, a collection of 3 adventures across 3 historical-analogue setting based on the real world. James (our CTO and in-house writer-designer and Best Boy) lead the charge with the Japanese inspired adventure The Fortress of Darkness, drawing on his nerdy experience playing JRPGs, creating a weave of interlinking quests. We collaborated on the Isle of Fire, creating a Carribean island hex-crawl, drawing from historical mesoamerica for the past of the island, and from Caribbean native history for the present of the island. 

We also packed in a bunch of miniatures. We already had an Oni and Kappa that we thought were cool, and wanted to attach those to the Fortress of Darkness. But I thought we should add a miniatures for every adventure. So the final "bosses" of the English and Caribbean adventure are miniatures that we've worked with some great 3D Modelers to design! 

If you're interested in more behind the design stuff for this Kickstarter, the video below is an in-depth look into the product and game design principles that informed this Kickstarter. 

We're at London Comic Con

Our second time at London MCM we're going to be bringing more miniatures and more zines (including the adventures from the Kickstarter!).

Last time we learnt a LOT about what people want. And what they don't. This time, we're coming prepared, including the launch of our...

Painted Miniatures!

That's right, our in-house miniature painter Gem is going to start painting our miniatures and taking commissions to paint yours too! There'll be an absolutely incredible selection of painted miniatures (the Chinese dragon is my personal favourite) for sale at our stall. 

You can sign up to our newsletter to get notified when we launch this service, and even watch her paint in real time on twitch.tv/cyber_blue_


Those are our most immediate projects, but we've got more... a lot more in the works. Looking forward to updating you. Until then...

Farað gesunde, 


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