Albion - the Megalithic Prints Flagship Setting

Albion, like much of our setting, is not an original name. But it is the right name.

The Megalithic Prints Albion setting is part of the larger Lithos setting; an Earth analogues fantasy. Primarily, we want an authentic historically and folklore inspired setting for D&D and TTRPG adventures to take place. 

Albion is the British region of Lithos.

It is a land of dead civilisations; the ruins of their golden ages layered on top of another. Civilisation and nature, law and chaos, wax and wane against each other. The wisdom of the druids, and their belief in balance and reconciliation between these cosmic forces, has been lost. The only path back to such balance, where the land can once again grow, is through the pale echoes of the past. 

Many of our adventures in development are set here, because it is evocative enough to add flavour, but generic enough that you can scratch off the serial numbers and make it your own. It isn’t like the generic western fantasy setting isn’t already inspired by British folklore. 

It’s our hope to build it out over time until it becomes a dense and rich setting. We chose to start here with British fantasy because, well, we’re British. And we know it well, better than most. We’re British history and folklore enthusiasts, and we want to create the British fantasy setting. 

The core fantasy is Anglo-Saxon, and expands from there, from the Victorian gaslamp fantasy of Llyndnium (aka London), to the Celtic fantasy outside England, and of course to Arthurian legend and even the Roman period. 


So then! A quick teaser of what you might find in Albion:

Hearthlings - Not hobbits, not halflings, Hearthlings! Because of course, what Old English word means home would epitomise the little folk; Hearth. The essential English fantasy of a Hearthling, defined in the Lord of the Rings, is their love for the simple life and comfort. Hearthlings bring a powerful magic wherever they go, a magic of safety and home. What does that mean mechanically? Well, they’re better at making camp and they improve your rests. What it means in the lore is that wherever they settle slowly becomes a safe-haven, where civilization and nature work in harmony. Their settlements are naturally hidden, but with bountiful harvests. Visitors are welcome, if they can find a Hearthling town. 

Dead Civilisations - Like all good D&D settings, there are dungeons of ancient cultures to explore. History occurs in cycles, where civilisations rise and fall in golden ages followed by apocalyptic collapse. The latest age, is the age of man, though we are at a turning point, and the world grows more dangerous to the common person. Will humanity come out the other side thriving, or will chaos engulf us? Dwarves, aelves, giants and many before, are now either entirely gone, or small outposts of once great civilisations. Uncovering the mysteries of their rich histories will have enormous rewards for brave adventurers. 

Llyndinium and the Guilds - It’s not all trees and standing stones though! While the periphery is a wild and dangerous place, the capital, Llyndinium, is a bastion of law and order. At least, the Guilds would have you think so. Inside the city walls are cobbled streets and gaslit alleys, looked over by the Hallowed Guilds of the city. Each Guild operates its own monopoly, the most powerful of which is the Guild of Shipwrights, who make great dreadnoughts called Channel-Breakers. These ships are the only vessels that can pierce the magical firmament around the island, and therefore, all trade outside of the island is subject to a heavy tariff lining the Shipwright’s pockets. Collectively, the Guilds are a force for order, civilisation and most of all, profit. 


What you won’t find in Albion:

The King - The King has fled, leaving behind his people to fend for themselves. Albion is a power vacuum, will nature’s assault engulf the politicking factions, or will the Guilds expand their regime of hyper-industrialisation? Or will a more moderate and reasonable authority rise to power?


That’s all for now! We’ll release more in the coming weeks and months, and you can be the first to get Albion adventures and content by joining our discord. It’s all free! 

As always, 

Vivat Rex Albion.


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