Our Projects That Will Definitely Get Released...

We've got ambitions, and we want to share how unrealistic they are so you can get excited about them. So here's our list of upcoming projects:


 Where can I get it?! What even is that? Progress Expected Release
"Our Kickstarter Failed" YouTube A video where I talk about what went wrong with The Adventure Triad :( Editing in progress Last month...
The Candlelighter's Crypt Discord An Ynys Hwit adventure. Layout in progress October
The Black Spring Discord An Ynys Hwit adventure. Layout in progress October
The Sovereign of Cwenwych Discord An Albion adventure, from our Kickstarter that failed :( Editing in progress October
"Roleplaying is Embarassing" YouTube Roleplaying is cringey. My Mum's boyfriend said so. And I hate my Mum's boyfriend. Editing in progress October
"D&D Economics" Series YouTube Why is gold kind of boring in modern D&D? Let's explore it. Let's fix it! Script written October
Economic Overhaul System Discord A system for making gaining wealth and resource actually engaging. Design in progress October
The Abandoned Grove Discord An Albion adventure. Editing in progress October
Baldur's Gate Review YouTube I couldn't finish Baldur's Gate. It's not because it's bad.  Script written October


In reality, this list will have delays, but we hope that this will help you understand our vision for what Megalithic Prints is. And, hold us accountable to making the vision a reality! The best way to help us get these done is to join the discord. The more people in there, the more reason we have to get this done.

We're small, indie and shoestring, but that doesn't mean we don't have enormous ambitions.

We're coming for your throne WoTC. 


I must create a system or be enslaved by another man's.